Baccalaureate Ceremony

The 2017 Baccalaureate Ceremonies will be held on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at Radio City Music Hall. You will have the option of being recognized at a morning ceremony beginning at 10:00AM, or alternatively you may participate in an afternoon ceremony beginning at 3:00PM. Both ceremonies will last approximately two hours. Seating is by reservation only. If a ceremony has been booked to capacity, requests for tickets will be placed for the available alternative.

Invitation Eligibility

Eligible seniors will be sent an invitation to participate in the CAS 2017 Baccalaureates to both the permanent and local addresses the student has provided to the University. Please note: if you have moved or your permanent address has changed, you must inform the University Registrar as soon as possible. All candidates must have applied for graduation using Albert by the application deadline in order to receive an invitation.

If you do not receive your invitation, please verify your address at the University Registrar's Office located on the 1st Floor at 25 W. 4th Street.

Please visit the Registrar's Website for information regarding graduation application deadlines.


Tickets must be ordered on this website in late March and early April. There will be a link on the main page that will direct students to the ticket ordering site.

Ticket Pick-Up
Location: TBA (Instructions will be available on this site.)

Dates and Time:

Academic Attire

For more information about how to order your academic attire for this Ceremony, please see


For more information about the NYU all-University Commencement including how to order tickets for this Ceremony, please see

Additional Information

Please contact if you require additional information.